What We Offer

Property Owners

If you have received a letter from us, we have contacted you because we feel your property might be a good candidate for purchase. We hope you will consider doing business with us. If your property is selected for wholesale, you will have the added benefit of becoming a direct benefactor to our charity partner as well.


We thank you for applying to Nordic Housing LLC. 


We strive to provide quality properties with updated appliances and other energy efficient upgrades. Having worked in property management before, we pay solid attention to the details. We also look for quality tenants. For our tenants who show a certain level of personal responsibility, we provide rent kickbacks as a quality tenant reward program. Ask about this program in your interview. 

Property Buyers

   When we get more purchase contracts then we can handle, we take those contracts and offer them for sale. Contracts will be priced low enough to make your ARV (After Repair Value) profit margin very sustainable. You will also benefit from the contractor/inspector and quotes already done. This will allow you to have a turn key flip by only exerting yourself to sign paperwork. We charge a small contract reassignment fee.  

 Legal Disclaimer: We buy properties on a regular basis, we cannot sell the properties themselves without a licensed real estate professional. We sell you the contracts we have.

Service Commitment

We have a solid commitment to excellent service. For Owners, we aim to create the best, hassle-free acquisition of your house. For Buyers, we promise transparent transactions and quick response times. For Tenants, we promise quality and responsible, pleasant management. 

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