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What Nordic Housing is all about:


Nordic Housing was founded because we saw the need Fairbanks has for responsible, tenant friendly landlords. All properties owned under Nordic Housing are constantly upgraded and updated. We employ an industry first financial bonus for model tenants. This provides a healthy and pleasant environment most tenants have yet to experience.

Where You Come in

We are always on the lookout for a quality property like yours. We buy properties with equity potential. This equity potential allows us to continue to purchase more properties and do more good. 

What is Wholesaling? 

We're glad you asked. We have the goal of acquiring quality properties for equally quality tenants. However, we sometimes find more properties to put under contract than we can financially handle. We proceed with buying process for these properties anyway.


Rather than breaking the contract with the seller we do what's called a contract re-assignment. We have a property under contract and a third party comes in and buys the contract from us. The property seller keeps their agreed upon price , the buyer gets a great propety under contract, we get a . We take at least 10% of the profit from this fee to donate to charity. The rest of course pays the bills. The entire transaction is very transparent to all parties.   

How You Can Help

As you are surely aware, many of the world's children are struggling just to find clean water to drink. As much as you might want to help you've got your own problems. This is why our founder's pledge to send at least 10% of all wholesale profits to make both of these problems a thing of the past is so inspired.


We recently found a company to donate to that builds an air moisture harvesting unit. We hope to be adding pictures of it to our site as soon as we get the legal details ironed out.  

Who Leads this New Company?

My Name is Tim Illguth. 

I'm very pleased you're here. Thank You for visiting my companies' website. I am a family man on a mission to improve tenant service and opportunities to other real estate professionals. 


I pledge to you the best and most honest service you can get. Feel free to ask your questions anytime. To make the best use of your time, contact me directly here.

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